Patient Reviews

“An oral surgeon made a big deal out of the fact that Colton’s orthodontia was superior. He explained to us that the way the teeth occlude, drives his entire surgery. He said that even among kids who have had orthodontia, he sometimes has to remove teeth, or go in through the cheek, to rectify a slightly imperfect occlusion. In Colton’s case, the occlusion was perfect; even after having had his braces off for many years. So, thank you, Tim Sanders, for the wonderful work you do.”
— Nancy

“When I had my daughter for her wisdom teeth appointment with the Oral Surgeon, he stopped and looked at us and said “I bet I can guess who was L….. orthodontist, was it Dr. Sanders?” I said yes & how did you know.
His response was, “His cases are always so perfectly aligned within both the bone structure as well as the facial balance.” I wanted to pass this on to Dr. Sanders!!”
— Karen

“When out with my daughters they are continually being stopped and complimented on their gorgeous smiles!!!”
— Stella